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N3815K 1981 F33A Bonanza


Paint, Interior, Engine and Prop “Like New”

IO-520BB 285 Horsepower Engine - 488 Since Factory New - 3 Blade Scimitar Prop 212 Since New

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All NEW custom FAR 23.853(a) burn test-compliant interior installed in 2019. But this is no ordinary interior. The interior, according to the upholstery shop owner, was of the same materials he used in corporate business jets. The leather side panels are of Italian leather. The headliner is lambskin. The carpet is a thick, plush wool with a pad underneath for additional sound proofing. All the plastic trim is wrapped in “hand sewn” lambskin just like in a business jet interior. The 4 seats are original leather with cloth inserts and, quite literally, look brand new. The seats have been covered for their entire life with a sheepskin cover so there is absolutely no wear (however, the inserts were replaced in 1990). All 4 seats are equipped with shoulder harnesses. The cabin is insulated with heavy duty, full cabin super sound-proofing insulation using ½” closed cell neoprene. The airplane is also equipped with a large baggage door and an entry door Door Steward.

New “Business Jet Quality” paint in March, 2022. Yes, there is a difference in aircraft paint quality. And not only was the airplane repainted, but it has a “clear coat” with UV protection as a final coat as well so the new paint will never fade.

The maintenance shop that does the maintenance opened the airplane up completely during an annual inspection and inspected ALL cables, turnbuckles, etc. and cleaned, lubed, adjusted and repair/replace anything they felt should be repaired/replaced. The shop manager said the plane looked as though it had just rolled off the assembly line as there wasn’t even any accumulated dirt and grime in the belly like they typically see in an airplane of this age. All mechanical items such as flight controls, landing gear cables/stops, etc. were inspected, cleaned, lubed and adjusted as necessary. The factory zinc chromate looks as though it was just sprayed on. All windows are in very good condition and clear. The airplane is very tight inside and out and flies very true.

ALL instrumentation has been either overhauled or upgraded with new. The original ADI and HSI have been replaced with an Aspen 1000 pro with Synthetic Vision, Terrain, Weather and Traffic display and has fully coupled LNAV/VNAV/APP/GPS Steering to the King KFC-200 autopilot via an EA-100 autopilot adapter. There is also a KI-209 course/glideslope indicator. A new Davtron Chronometer has been installed on the pilot’s side. It has a JPI EDM-830 engine analyzer/monitoring system with data recording along with an EI Digital Tachometer and Shadin MiniFlo-L Fuel Flow system. Additionally, the magnetic compass has been replaced with a new Vertical Card Compass System. The airplane is also equipped with remote landing gear position indicator lights on the lower Pilot panel.

The airplane is equipped with a dual yoke with electric trim, dual push-to-talk switches, Flight Director sync button, go around button, map light and an avionics master switch. Avionics include a newly overhauled (by Garmin) 16-watt IFR certified GNS-530A WAAS with large moving map, Terrain avoidance, Weather and Traffic, a new PS Engineering 7000B audio panel with 4 position intercom, 3-light marker beacon and exterior device capability (ie. music, etc.), and an L3 Lynx NGT-9000 ADS-B IN/OUT with traffic and weather digital transponder. The airplane is also equipped with a KY-196 digital com, KN-53 digital nav w/VOR/LOC/GS receiver and standby ADI. As part of the avionics upgrade, all static wicks were replaced to eliminate any possible radio interference. The airplane is equipped with a 3M WX-1000 Stormscope.

The glareshield has been replaced with a new one-piece molded shield. The windshield was replaced with a new, thicker ½” D’Shannon Speed-Slope windshield in 2004 and is very clear with no visible scratches. Side windows are tinted and clear. The airplane is equipped with a dual yoke with dual push-to-talk switches, LED landing light, Cool Air Scoop, approach flap system and 3-light strobe system. It has the original POH plus an updated version. The airplane has a factory 24-volt electrical system with an external power receptacle and a new Gil battery was installed in 2019. It also has Eagle Flush Fuel Drains (3), LED landing light, Electronics Int’l digital volt/amp meter, Electronics Int’l digital tachometer, Brackett air filter, E-Z Heat engine preheater and a new towbar.

The airplane spent its first few years in West Texas and since has been based in either Colorado, Michigan or, now, Kansas so there is absolutely no corrosion. The plane has been hangered its entire life.

In May, 2000, the engine was replaced with factory new and installed by Teledyne Continental. All components (starter, alternator, magnetos, etc.) firewall forward were replaced with new and new GAMI fuel injectors were installed. The engine also had new D’Shannon silicon baffling installed. The original prop was overhauled with the new engine. However, approximately 190 hours later, a new Hartzell Scimitar 3-blade, constant speed prop and polished spinner were installed as an upgrade.

Ove the course of 21 years, the engine only acquired approximately 360 hours. Consequently, In 2021, the engine went through a major rebuild (due to internal corrosion) having a new camshaft, lifters and balanced crankshaft installed and the cylinders were nickel plated. In addition, the starter, starter adapter and magnetos were overhauled. While the engine was apart, all camshaft gears were replaced (per AD). After reassembly, the engine was run on a dynometer for 1 hour and included a full power run up. Upon reinstallation of the engine, new motor mounts were installed. In February, 2022, the complete fuel injection system was overhauled and a new complete set of sparkplugs was installed. The engine overhaul was accomplished by Barrett Performance, Inc. located in Tulsa, OK. Barrett has an outstanding reputation and is known worldwide for their building of high performance aircraft racing engines. The engine now has 39 flight hours on it. As typical with nickel plated cylinders, the rings seated after just 35 minutes with the CHT’s dropping 30 degrees or more. Total oil consumption during the first 10 hours was only 1 quart and oil consumption during the next 25 flight hours has been only 1 quart.

In March, 2022, the airplane went through an annual inspection with no issues found. During the annual, a complete set of new tires was installed. The logs are complete and up to date. All AD’s and SB’s are current and up to date including installation of Spacecraft Machine Products upper rudder hinge bracket.

In summary, the airplane is tight, clean and in excellent condition and ready to give many hours of trouble-free flying.

NOTE: The airplane sustained minor damage from a tail cone strike in 1990 during a short-field takeoff and was repaired with factory new parts. There was a minor hangar rash incident in 1993 which damaged the RH elevator and a second hangar rash incident in 2006 where a tug driver backed the airplane into a hangar wall causing damage to the LH elevator and rudder. There is no other known damage history.

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